Fried mushrooms, with their rich earthy appeal, are a delicious ingredient to add into any dish. Whip them up and serve on top of crispy chicken, add to a creamy pasta dish or pile them onto a loaded spicy taco. Frying mushrooms may seem simple enough, but we have compiled the best tips and tricks to ensure you achieve perfect sautéed mushrooms every time.


  1. Begin by cleaning the mushrooms and then proceed to cut them into the desired style. Be sure not to cut them too finely as this will result in them shrivelling.
  2. Heat the oil or butter in the frying pan on a medium to high heat. Once the pan is sizzling, drop the mushrooms in.
  3. Leave the mushrooms to cook. Resist the urge to stir the mushrooms for the first 5 minutes.
  4. Once the mushrooms show golden edges and no liquid is left in the pan, give the mushrooms a quick stir. The mushrooms should now have a dark reddish-brown tint with golden spots.
  5. Once the mushrooms are nearly cooked, add in your seasoning. Go simple with salt and pepper, or feel free to be creative and add fresh herbs, spices or garlic.
  6. Once the seasoning has been mixed in, remove from the pan and serve.


Tip 1: Clean your mushrooms


The best way to clean your mushrooms is by slightly dampening a tissue and giving your mushrooms a little wipe down before chopping. This helps get the dirt off and ensures they don’t absorb too much water.

Tip 2: Cook in a large frying pan

Space your mushrooms out in a large frying pan as this prevents the mushrooms from boiling in their own water. Cooking in batches can help avoid this and help ensure the perfect pan-fried mushroom texture.

Tip 3: Don’t constantly stir

Leaving your mushrooms to cook will ensure that all their water content is released. Resist the impulse to continuously move your mushrooms around and watch your mushrooms sear perfectly as a result.

Tip 4: Choose your oil wisely

For a little indulgence, fry your mushrooms using a knob of butter. Alternatively, to keep things healthy, use extra virgin olive oil to sear.

Tip 5: Keep a high heat

Keep your pan on medium/high heat as this will keep the mushrooms from burning, while ensuring that the mushrooms are well fried and browned enough.