How to Roast Mushrooms in the Oven

Cook up deeply flavoured roasted mushrooms that are not only vegetarian, low carb but also Keto friendly! As they baste in their own natural, woody flavours, these mushrooms will come out super tender and juicy, even when they are cooked with a very light coating of olive oil. Taking only 30 minutes tops to rustle up, find out below how to perfectly roast your mushrooms so they can be added into a wonder of dishes including casseroles, sauces and fish dishes!


  1. Your mushrooms are ready to roast straight away when taken out of the packet. All you need to do is rinse your mushrooms in water or wipe away the dirt with a damp tissue. Whichever way you decide to clean your mushrooms, do be sure to dry them properly before cooking.
  2. Begin preheating the oven by heating the oven to 250 degrees. Whilst the oven heats up, add a rack in the centre of the oven.
  3. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper so you are prepared to add your mushrooms.
  4. Grab your mushrooms and empty them into a bowl. Add in a little olive oil and salt and pepper, plus any spices you would like your mushrooms to roast in, including garlic and chilli.
  5. Toss your mushrooms out onto the baking sheet and arrange them with the stems down whilst keeping an even space between them, giving them space to baste in their own juices and brown. Then pop them into the oven.
  6. Keep your mushrooms in the oven for 20/25 minutes and allow them to brown. Then proceed to flip your mushrooms over and continue to roast for 5/10 minutes. You will notice your mushrooms will have cooked all the way through once they shrink slightly.
  7. Once roasted through, take your mushrooms out and add them into your dish. For extra flavour, add the juices that came out of the bowl and then you’re finished!


Now that you’ve learnt how to roast your mushrooms, you can branch out and work on your cooking skills by also learning how to sauté your mushrooms perfectly!


Tip 1: As mushrooms have porous surfaces, it’s easy for them to easily absorb liquids which can then affect the taste. Therefore, be sure to make sure your mushrooms are completely dry before cooking them.

Tip 2: Keeping the oven door slightly open can help lessen the exuding moisture that comes from the mushrooms and help reduce cooking time.

Tip 3: No need to cut up your mushrooms, they’ll still roast all the way through!

Tip 4: Draining your mushrooms halfway through the cooking process can help speed up the cooking process. Don’t worry, your mushrooms will still taste as juicy!

Tip 5: Your mushrooms are most likely to shrink in size so it is worth adding in extra mushrooms for a good portion.