Boil Your Mushrooms the Right Way for Any Dish

Although sauteeing mushrooms and frying mushrooms may be the tastiest way to cook your mushrooms, if you’re looking for a simple recipe that is easy to follow then boiling mushrooms might just be for you!

Mushrooms are always a delightful treat to add into any meal. With its rich and juicy flavours and velvety texture, these little vegetables have the ability to elevate your dish. But with so many different styles and methods for cooking mushrooms, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, we’re here to bring you the easiest method for cooking mushrooms, whilst achieving that beautiful earthy taste, all by using a simple boiling method!

Boiling mushrooms might not sound enticing but don’t let that put you off! Still retaining its rich natural flavours, your mushrooms will be soft and seasoned perfectly to add into any sort of meal. Find out all you need to know to start boiling your mushrooms now:

  1. To prepare your mushrooms for boiling, give your mushrooms a quick rinse or a little rub down with a tissue to get rid of any dirt that may be clinging on. Then cut your mushrooms into smaller pieces. A recommended size is 1 inch pieces.
  2. Begin to prepare your pan by pouring enough water to cover the amount of mushrooms you want to cook and let it boil. Choose a pan that will crowd your mushrooms slightly.
  3. To make sure your mushrooms season well, add a tablespoon of butter or oil and a teaspoon of salt to your boiling water and then proceed to add your mushrooms into the pan.
  4. To cook around ½ pound of medium sized mushrooms, it will take around 15 minutes at a constant boil.
  5. Once your mushrooms have darkened in colour and softened you will notice that majority of the water will have dissolved which is when your mushrooms are ready. If you want to season with other spices, feel free to add them in now.

Your boiled mushrooms have the ability to last five days so you can keep them stored if you don’t use them up all at once.


Tip 1: You can boil your mushrooms on a high heat the entire time; you don’t need to worry about them burning or over boiling!

Tip 2: If you feel that your water has boiled too quickly before your mushrooms have browned, feel free to add in a little more.

Tip 3: To give your mushrooms a little extra luxurious flavour, try adding a little butter into your pan.